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Baroque Collection Header

Sales Tel: 07931 206 859

These beautiful cushions and pillows are the largest and most spectacular in our entire range. They will make a talking point for any room.

B0111 - Baroque Sun

Baroque Sun

Ref: B0111

Available in a range of colours in a combination of 2 colours of velvet, brocade and metallic material

Size: 65cm

From: £90.00


B0112 - Baroque Queen

Baroque Queen

Ref: B0112

Luxurious multi-pointed cushion in regal coloured velvet, sumtious satin and metallic white gold.

Size: 72cm

From: £100.00

Inspiration Header

In art the word baroque is used to describe anything grand, unusual or otherwise departing from established rules and proportions. It is a complex style, appealing to the senses, often in dramatic ways. Baroque elements in interior design emphasize grandeur, sensuous richness, and drama.

Baroque Style Carnival MaskOur Baroque collection draws upon this rich historical tradition by offering a selection of “stars” - five or six pointed cushions and pillows in classic combinations of crushed or embossed velvet, combined with metallic brocade or damask and beaded embroidery or trim.

Our dramatic “sun” cushions compliment these in shades of tawny velvet, combined with metallic gold lamé. Sun cushions can be made with anything from eight to twelve points, and are the most dramatic items in our entire repertoire.

Combining jewel shades of velvet with gold metallic, these cushions and pillows are particularly suitable for creating a sumptuous and dramatic effect, set against antique or traditional furniture that has carved or inlaid surfaces. They also work well with any dark wood in simpler settings. Or throw them on the bed to create a truly glamorous boudoir!

Alternately, use them to add interest to a contemporary room set. In black or purple combined with silvery tones, they work well with modern metallics and glass in an “industrial” or “minimalist” setting.

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