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OUR PRODUCTSRoom accessories

Taking their inspiration from the diverse heritage of needlework around the world, our products are based upon patchwork. In addition, many are further embellished with appliqué, embroidery, beading, and other decorative techniques. Elaborate and painstaking hand work is an important feature of all our products.

Appliqué is the art of attaching small pieces of fabric to a larger surface. The raw edges are then concealed by decorative stitching or couched-down braid.

A patchwork is made by stitching together numerous pieces of fabric to create a larger section. This can be done either by hand or machine, and is traditionally carried out in cotton fabric, which is easy to work with. American settlers took their skill in patchwork making with them to the New World, where distinctive designs developed into a folk-art form, which continues today. In Victorian England, the passion for patchwork grew with the import of Indian printed fabrics and exotic silks and velvets from the Middle East. This style of work developed differently from that in the USA, often mixing brocades, velvets and silks in the same piece. As patterns became more complicated, paper templates were used to give the work greater accuracy.

Our products are entirely hand-made, using this process traditionally used in English and American patchwork. It is heavily labour intensive, because it involves covering paper templates with fabric, and then hand-sewing them together to form larger shapes. The "star" and "sun" shaped cushions and pillows in which we specialise evolve naturally from using one of the traditional shapes used in patchwork - the lozenge. When these are combined and sewn together, star and sun shaped cushions and pillows are the result.

This needlecraft is a familiar part of both American and English popular tradition, and is most associated with country or "folk" interiors. However, we have taken this process a step further to utilise exotic materials like leopard, tiger, zebra and snake "skins", made from high quality faux fabrics. These are combined with other lavish fabrics, such as brocade, velvet, satin, metallic lamé, and intricate embroidery. Our cushions, pillows and other products therefore lie within the historic tradition of the craft, but with a contemporary interpretation.

The inspiration for our products comes from many exotic lands: faux animal prints from the jungles of Africa, sumptuous colours and designs from the markets and temples of Arabia and China, and intricate mirror-work embroidery from the cities of India. But we believe our wares are truly international in flavour, as well as universal and timeless in beauty and character. We invite you to experience the magic and mystery of the past, present and future by examining the quality of our products and services.

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If you do not see exactly what you are looking for among the products illustrated here, be aware that anything you see can be adapted, or supplied in other materials, colours, shapes or decorative treatments. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your design ideas or to quote for special projects.

For example, our "star" cushions and pillows can be made with anything from 5 to 12 points. 'Sun' cushions can have up to 24 points. They can also be single or double sided. In the case of double-sided cushions and pillows, the "back" can be identical with the front, subtly different, or completely different - in effect giving you two different looks for only about 50% more than the price of one!Customised beaded curtain tie-backs

Additional Merchandise

We can also supply other furnishing accessories such as throws and wall-hangings, covered picture/mirror/photo frames, place mats, table-runners, lampshades, waste-bins, curtain tie-backs, and so on, to match our cushions and pillows.

Matching Safari items(illustrated right) A selection of customised items to match a pillow from our Safari Collection

(illustrated left) A pair of customised beaded curtain tie-backs.

We can create Venetian-style carnival masks to match your décor.

(illustrated below left) Venetian style mask in purple and blue satin and gold brocade, decorated with gold lace and trim and faux 'jewels'.

From time to time we also have other non-fabric items for sale here, such as candlesticks, mirror frames and ornaments from India or Far-Eastern lands.

'Memory Cushions' from customer's own materials

We are also happy to work from customers' own materials, or to incorporate your own designs and ideas.

Venetian Carnival MaskFor example, you may have a favourite garment, which no longer fits. Or something of sentimental value, such as a wedding or christening gown, or an evening dress from that first Prom or other special occasion. Or perhaps you possess a beautiful scrap of cherished fabric or embroidery that you are reluctant to throw away, but have no idea how to use because it is fragile or damaged.

Because of the nature of our products, which are based upon patchwork and appliqué, nothing is wasted. So even the smallest piece of a precious fabric can be utilised - perhaps to become the centrepiece of a pillow, cushion or throw which will continue to give pleasure in your home for many years to come.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail, telephone or letter. Our designer Simitra will be delighted to help you develop your ideas.

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Illustrated below are some examples of items made to our clients' own design, or in materials supplied by them.

Illustrated Right:

"Octopus" cushion/pillow with eight "legs" in blue and green velvet, and gold lamé. Made to client's own design suggestion.

Octopus cushion
Cashmere 'Memory' cushion

Illustrated Left:

hexagonal cushion/pillow with panels in hand-painted cashmere and cream and silver brocade. Cashmere supplied by the client from a favourite sweater.

While it is not our policy to make exact duplicates of the items shown here, we can make you something similar, or adapt an idea to your particular requirements.

From time to time we also have other non-fabric items for sale here, such as candlesticks, mirror frames and ornaments from Middle or Far-Eastern lands.


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