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Sales Tel: 07931 206 859

Cushions and pillows recalling the atmosphere of the jungle and colonial Africa, available in an exciting range of faux "skins", including leopard, tiger, giraffe, zebra or dark and light snakeskin.

S9020 - Safari Queen

Safari Queen

Ref: S9020

A fabulous big pillow available in a combination of faux "skin", jewel coloured velvet and gold lamé.

Size: 60cm

From: £80.00


S9019 - Safari King

Safari King

Ref: S9019

A fabulous big pillow available in a combination of faux "skin", jewel coloured velvet and gold lamé.

Size: 60cm

From: £75.00

Inspiration Header

Ceramic LeopardThis range is derived from a style, which is traditional and modern at the same time. The Safari style of interior design has itsroots planted in the tradition of tribal Africa, as well as in the Colonial fashions, brought by European settlers.

For decades the East African savannah attracted Europeans eager to experience life on safari. These visitors created a compelling style of living distinctly displayed in the architecture and interiors of the homes, lodges and camps they established across the vast reaches of the African continent. Here, eclectic elements and symbols of African fantasy seep back into our living rooms, tempting our imaginations with visions of hunting trophies, leopard skins, and tribal shields and spears.

Our own Safari range updates this vision with an unusual interaction between the traditional and the modern. Texture andpattern are key elements in the look, which amalgamates traditional elements with up-to-date styling. A limited palette of colours – black and white with warm earthy tones, orange, brown, red and gold – and the value of varying textures - combines faux animal and snake skins with velvet, brocade, metallic lamé and other luxury fabrics, to encapsulate the rich complexity of this upbeat style.

The zebra and leopard skins of the safari look – faked for the homes of today – are currently popular. This interesting mixture of patterns and textures blends with and compliments several other contemporary interior design styles – such as retro, kitsch, funky or global village.

Why not walk on the wild side with a set of Safari range cushions to add interest and a talking point to a pared-down minimalist or modern room set?

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