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Harlequin Collection Header

Sales Tel: 07931 206 859

These fun cushions and pillows feature a striking combination of alternating panels in jewel coloured velvet and metallic lamé. They are available in a number of unusual shapes.

H3016 - Harlequin 12 Pointed Star

Harlequin 12 Pointed Star

Ref: H3016

Available in a combination of jewel coloured crushed or plain velvet with either brocade or complimentary metallic materials.

Size: 80cm

From: £65.00


H3014 - Harlequin Star (large)

Harlequin Star (large)

Ref: H3014

Available in a combination of jewel coloured velvet with either brocade or metallic materials.

Size: 69cm

From: £75.00

Inspiration Header

Venetian MasksThis range is inspired by the costume of Arlecchino, one of the principal characters in the Italian commedia dell’arte, a traditional form of popular theatre. Harlequin’s costume was originally a peasant’s shirt and trousers, both covered with many coloured patches. It later developed into a tight fitting outfit decorated with triangles and diamond shapes.

The Harlequin range includes cushions and pillows in unusual shapes, such as triangles, lozenges and hexagons, usually in two contrasting colours and/or materials. However, these items can also be made up in “star” and “sun” shapes to customer’s requests.

Harlequin style cushions in silvery tones combined with black, dark grey or purple are particularly in tune with modern decorating styles featuring an “industrial” or modern feel, such as those popular with loft-dwellers. Their angular, geometric shapes are very much in keeping with this contemporary vein. However, the richer jewel shades of velvet, combined with metallic lamé, satin or brocade in golden tones, also work well in more traditional interiors, where they make a witty visual statement.

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