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Sales Tel: 07931 206 859
The largest and most elaborate in our range, these cushions are made from dozens of patchwork pieces. Using the most luxurious fabrics, they are further embellished with jewelled embroidery, mirror-work and appliqé


E2115 - Exclusive Maharani

Exclusive Maharani

Ref: E2115

The most elaborate and spectacular item in our range. A 12 pointed star comprising 50 patchwork pieces, further embellished with jewelled embroidery, appliqué and gold cord interlaced work. Available in a combination of 2 colours of velvet (one groundwork and one contrast appliqué) and toning brocade

Size: 72cm

From: £110.00


E2111 - Exclusive Emperor

Exclusive Emperor

Ref: E2111

A fabulous big pillow available in a combination of faux "skin", jewel coloured velvet and gold lamé. Further embellished with jewelled embroidery, gold cord interlacing and a crown of cock feathers. Choice of "skins" available are: leopard, tiger, giraffe, zebra, dark snakeskin or light snakeskin.

Size: 72cm

From: £70.00

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Room AccessoriesThese fabulous cushions and pillows are the richest and most elaborate in our range. They are made from dozens of patchwork pieces in the most luxurious fabrics, further embellished with intricate appliqué, jewelled embroidery, mirror-work and gold cord interlacement.

Each cushion or pillow is truly a work of art in itself, not simply an item of soft furnishing. For the client who appreciates quality and uniqueness, they will add the final touch of opulence to an exclusive room setting.

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